Small Team, great Network,
fine Agency.

Till Helmbold’s studio has been in business for over 25 years and serves clients in the areas of brand design, corporate design, marketing as well as web and app development.

Together with a team of developers and a network of partners such as photographers, 3d modeling, visual arts as well as developers for e-commerce, native app development and backend systems, customer projects and their applications are developed.

In recent years, DIGESO has implemented and managed such long-term projects for clients as Herbert Grönemeyer, Wall AG and Walldecaux, Tentamus Group GmbH or Project Engineers & Consultants GmbH. Strategy, content, design and technology is the narrower circle of services offered in full service. The extended circle concerns topics such as marketing and growth marketing as well as technology evaluation. If both – marketing and technology – come together, projects are created that DIGESO develops for customers as an accellerator.

Mobile-first has become an integral part of service design and design processes. With the growing availability of AI-driven data services by, among others, large providers like Google and Amazon, it is now possible for any company to integrate artificial intelligence into your digital workflows.

Large enterprises have been doing this for years, while mid-sized and smaller companies will only catch up in the coming years. Therefore, the AI-first strategy shifts the focus away from mobile to AI.

DIGESO is gaining extensive experience in the use of so-called predictive machines – which form the basis of most AI applications – in the Movebis GmbH start-up involved – Spyce. Whether image recognition, speech recognition, data analysis – predictive machines are applications of machine learning that can be supplemented by neural networks for the management of big data in deep learning applications.

Design is common sense today. Even in the B2B sector, contemporary design and UX reflect the professionalism of the company. For the implementation of sustainable, attractive branding interfaces, the challenge lies in the interaction of brand strategy, design, marketing and technology.


Till Helmbold

As a marketing visionary, digital strategist, designer and technology scout Helmbold works – with over 20 years digital experience, projects in the field of coprorate and brand design, visual identity, digital concept, UI / UX design for app and web applications.

Initially working for Berlin’s creative agencies such as Pixelpark, Jung von Matt, Kircher Burckhardt (C3) and KKLD client projects for Telekom, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Volkswagen, Bayer and BMW Mini, among others. Helmbold digitally managed communications and campaigns for 6 studio albums by Herbert Grönemeyer over 16 years.

In 2014, Helmbold founded the agency DIGESO – for marketing and transformation. Corporate communications, corporate design, brand design and digital campaigns are the focus in the field of marketing. Helmbold supports the development of digital solutions and business models for companies and start-ups with design thinking, service design, UI/UX design, marketing and technology know-how.

As CEO of the start-up Movebis GmbH with the AI driven urban ridesharing service Spyce – social Mobility, Helmbold is currently working on the development of the company. With Anobjct, Helmbold is active in art and interior design with design, planning and production of interiors, lighting and furniture. Follow Anobjct on Instagram.