Corporate Design Facelift Walldecaux / Wall AG Corporate Design, Visual Language, Campaigns, Print, Packaging, Interactive, UX-Design, Photography Illustration In 2014, Wall AG commissioned Digital Esoterics with a corporate design facelift of the WallDecaux sales brand for premium outdoor advertising. The corporate design was to be more attractive, modern, digital and colorful to better reflect the quality of the out-of-home communication via City Lights and City Boards. The implementation of the new style was accompanied by campaigns for cities and products as well as marketing materials over a period of 3 years.

Digital Esoterics developed several poster campaigns – among others the successful „We Love“ campaign where the heart was graphically individualized for each city. The campaign is still being developed by the in-house graphic design team.

But also through the development of digital content and templates, online promotional materials, image videos, online microsites and marketing brochures such as the Factbook 2015 and 2016, the new look and feel was integrated into the corporate communication. See also online